25 юни 2017

ЛЯТНАТА СЕСИЯ НА ПАСЕ, 26-30 юни 2017г.

Страница на сесията на ПАСЕ :

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Двата най-чувствителни доклада ще се гледат във вторник - 27 юни 2017г. :


Recognition and implementation of the principle of accountability in the Parliamentary Assembly

Този доклад въвежда правила за импийчмънт на Президента на ПАСЕ и на другите високи изборни длъжности.

Възможно е след приемането на правилата, те веднага да бъдат приведени в действие.


Promoting integrity in governance to tackle political corruption

Този доклад създава независим орган, който да разследва обвинения в копупция срещу членове на ПАСЕ.

26 юни 2017г.


Allegations of corruption within PACE: composition of the independent external investigation body ratified

·                                 26/06/2017
·                                 SESSION
Parliamentarians have today ratified the decision adopted by the PACE Bureau on 29 May  2017 to appoint Sir Nicolas Bratza (United Kingdom), Jean-Louis Bruguière (France) and Elisabeth Fura (Sweden) as members of the independent external investigation body to look into allegations of corruption within the Assembly.
This decision was taken during the debate on the progress report of the Bureau and Standing Committee, presented by Tiny Kox (Netherlands, UEL), which covers the activities and decisions of the Assembly’s subsidiary bodies since the last session.
The investigation body will now start its work.

·                                 Progress report
·                                 Press release of 30 May 2017
·                                 Terms of reference of the investigation body

27 юни 2017г.

Със 154 гласа - "за", 30 - "против" и 13-"въздържали се", 

ПАСЕ прие допълнение в своя правилник, с които се въвежда процедурата по "имийчмънт" за Президента на ПАСЕ и за другите високи изборни длъжнасти в Асамблеята. 

Всички депутати от България участвали в гласуването са гласували - "за".

Поименното гласуване може да се види тук :

PACE adopts a procedure allowing for the dismissal of its members holding high elective office

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), meeting in plenary session in Strasbourg, has decided to amend its Rules of Procedure and to institute a procedure to bring into play the institutional accountability of holders of elective offices within the Assembly and “to dismiss them during their term of office”.
The resolution adopted today on the basis of a report by Liliane Maury Pasquier (Switzerland, SOC), stresses that this procedure is in no regard a criminal measure and applies solely to high elective offices, namely the President and Vice-Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly, and the chairpersons and vice-chairpersons of the committees.
The Assembly may henceforth terminate their functions, on the ground that “they no longer enjoy the confidence of the Assembly”, be it that they no longer fulfil the conditions required for the exercise of that office or are guilty of serious misconduct by seriously or repeatedly violating the provisions of the Code of Conduct for members of the Parliamentary Assembly.
The resolution took effect upon its adoption today.