19 май 2024



 Bulgarian exhibition

Българска изложба 


"Memory and Posters"

 "Памет и плакати"

Wednesday 17 April 2024, 13h00, 

Сряда, 17 април 2024г., 13 ч.

Lobby of the Hemicycle

Лоби пред Пленарната зала на ПАСЕ



Генералният секретар на Съвета на Европа Мария Пейчинович-Бурич,

отляво:Посланик Мария Спасова, постоянен представител на България в Съвета на Европа, 

отдясно: Теодорос Русопулос, Президент на ПАСЕ и Георг Георгиев, ръководител на българската делегация в ПАСЕ



 Президентът на Парламентарната Асамблея на Съвета на Европа 

Теодорос Русопулос


 Theodoros Rousopoulos

Madam Secretary General,
Madam Permanent Representative of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Council
of Europe,
Mister Chairperson of the Bulgarian national delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, dear Georg,

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

I am particularly happy to open together with you this exhibition of posters to mark the 80th anniversary of the salvation of the Bulgarian Jews, an exhibition produced by the International Stage Poster Triennial, together with the State Cultural Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.

By sharing with us the vision of Bulgarian artists on a part of the country’s contemporary history, you clearly reach the goal of the European Cultural Convention, whose 70th anniversary we are celebrating this year, and whose purpose is to develop mutual understanding among the peoples of Europe and reciprocal appreciation of their cultural diversity through the study of the history and civilisation of each State Party.

Be inspired by national histories…

Learning from the best of each other’s past…

That is clearly what is in front of us today. 

The posters celebrate the civil disobedience of Bulgarians, who chose not to follow the government plans and orders to hand over their fellow Jewish citizens to Nazi Germany during the 2nd World War.

Nearly 50.000 Jews living in Bulgaria were thus saved by individuals as well as by representatives of institutions. 

 Some of them, like the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Dimitar Peshev, who contributed to halt the deportations, were bestowed with the title of “Righteous among the nations”.

I am happy that we have a bronze bust of Mr Peshev here at the
Council of Europe. 

Saying no.

Refusing to be an accomplice of evil.


Helping other human beings to escape totalitarianism, despite the
dangerous consequences that this may bring to you and your family.
Is there a better definition of dignity than this one?

It reminds me of a quote of Albert Camus, who wrote in his diary when the war broke out: “Vow, to do only the noblest deeds in the worst of

The symbolic message of this exhibition is that even in the darkest
situations, there is still a beacon of hope, a right choice to be made despite the horrors. 

The Talmud says: “whoever saves one life is considered to have saved the
entire world”.

 I wish that the wonderful example represented in front of us
today will serve as an inspiration, a role-model for the younger generations, so that they learn that “Es war Befehl” can be countered by the force of one own’s critical spirit. 

This is the only path to genuine intellectual freedom and
dignity, in the true essence of the European Cultural Convention.

Ръководителят на българската делегация в ПАСЕ Георг Георгиев


 Georg Georgiev


Madam Secretary General,

Mr. President of PACE,

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Thank you all for being here and for honouring the exhibition “Memory and Posters”.

We see this as a timely event, as the terrorist attacks on Israel and growing opposition in the Middle East have caused a rise in antisemitism worldwide, leading to new attempts to deny and distort the Holocaust.


As history often repeats itself, the Republic of Bulgaria categorically opposes these extremely worrying trends. 


It is up to all of us – especially here, in this building, in the eve of the 75th anniversary of Europe’s leading human rights organization, to be true to our promise of “Never again”.


Antisemitism is traditionally alien to Bulgarian society, of which Bulgarian Jews are an integral part. 

They have always enjoyed high esteem and acceptance in all spheres of public life.


Historically, a unique expression of this tradition is the Salvation of the Bulgarian Jews during the Second World War. 


In 1943, politicians, administrators, officers, clergy, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and countless ordinary citizens rose up against and prevented the planned deportation of Bulgarian Jews to the Nazi death camps. 


In the history of the Second World War, it is difficult to find a similar case of mass and open opposition to the plans of the Nazis to exterminate the Jews.

Along with this, we also remember with particular pain those Jews from parts of northern Greece and former Yugoslavia, whose deportation to the Nazi death camps Bulgaria was unfortunately unable to prevent.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The memory of the Holocaust must unite us in the efforts to counter all manifestations of hatred and discrimination, including antisemitism, as one of their most severe forms.


In the words of Elie Wiesel "to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all."


We hope that you will enjoy this exhibition, as an expression of our joint commitment to humanity, understanding, empathy and kindness.


Thank you!







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