06 май 2014

Президентът на ПАСЕ г-жа Ан Брасьор : "Нашите три приоритета са : Украйна, Украйна и Украйна!"

Генералният Секретар на Съвета на Европа Тьорбьорн Ягланд  Президентът на ПАСЕ Ан Брасьор и Австрийският Министър на Външните работи Себастиан Курц -Председател на Комитета на Министрите на Съвета на Европа.

Anne Brasseur: "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine are our three priorities"

  • 06/05/2014

Speaking shortly after the Council of Europe’s 65th anniversary at the organisation’s Ministerial Conference in Vienna, PACE President Anne Brasseur stressed that the Assembly's adoption of two resolutions last month on Ukraine and on Russia “not only sought to stand up for the values of this organisation, but took difficult and principled decisions which the founders of this organisation would have expected of it".
She recalled that while PACE suspended the Russian delegation’s voting rights, as well as its right to be represented in the Bureau and Presidential Committee and to participate in election observations, it did not suspend the delegation's credentials, thus allowing for an ongoing dialogue and participation in the other work of the Assembly.

“I regret, therefore, the subsequent decision of the Russian State Duma to effectively suspend its further constructive participation in PACE activities.”
She added: “If you asked me the three priorities for the Council of Europe today, I would have to reply: Ukraine, Ukraine and Ukraine,” she concluded.