19 март 2014

В ПАСЕ стартираха две инициативи за суспендиране на пълномощията на делегацията на Руската Федерация в Асамблеята


Два проекта за резолюции на ПАСЕ са инициирани от депутати в 
Асамблеята и предстои да бъдат внесени още тази седмица
Роберт Уолтър
Първият проект е изготвен от британските консерватори начело с бившия лидер на Групата на Европейските демократи Роберт Уолтър, а вторият - 
Михаел Йенсен
от Михаел Йенсен от Дания, от  групата на либералите в ПАСЕ.

И двата проекта предвиждат санкции срещу делегацията на Руската Федерация в Асамблеята заради инвазията на Русия в Украйна и анексирането на Крим.   
ПАСЕ и ПА на ОССЕ са единствените европейски институции в които Русия до сега участваше като пълноправен член.
В проекта иницииран от консерваторите, който много вероятно е да бъде подкрепен и от групата на ЕНП в ПАСЕ, се предлага отнемане на ратифицираните от Асамблеята пълномощия на руската делегация.
В проекта иницииран от либералите се предвижда отнемане на правото на глас на руските депутати в ПАСЕ. 
Проектите ще се гласуват по време на априлската сесия на ПАСЕ в Страсбург. 
Ако санкциите бъдат приети от Асамблеята, Русия повече няма да може да  влияе на вземането на решения в Обединена Европа.
Текстовете на двата проекта, в момента  все още са отворени за подписване от членовете на ПАСЕ:

Motion for resolution

The Parliamentary Assembly condemns without reservation the violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine by the armed forces of the Russian Federation in early March 2014 and expresses its gravest concern that members of the upper House of the Russian Parliament unanimously authorised such action in advance.
The Assembly believes that there has been a serious violation of the basic principles of the Council of Europe mentioned in Article 3 of, and the preamble to, the Statute.
The Assembly must therefore reconsider at the earliest opportunity, on the basis of Rule 9.1.a of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, the ratified credentials of the Russian delegation on substantive grounds.

Suspension of the voting rights of the Russian delegation (Rule 9 of the Rules of 

Procedure of the 


Motion for a resolution

Presented by Mr Michael Aastrup Jensen, ALDE, Denmark

The undersigned members of the Parliamentary Assembly, holding firmly to the founding 

ideals and principles of the Council of Europe as well as to the binding procedures set up 

by the Assembly to achieve a greater unity between its member states for the purpose of 

safeguarding and realising these ideals and principles, are seriously concerned about the 

persistent failure by the Russian Federation to honour its obligations and commitments.

The conflict in Ukraine fully demonstrates the relevance of ever more extensive European 

construction, it is for the Council of Europe, a key player in that construction, to adopt a 

stance in line with its principles and values.

The actions of Russian military forces in the Crimea peninsula, as well as explicit threats 

of military actions in the rest of Ukraine’s territory, are in direct violation of international 

law, including the UN Charter, the OSCE Helsinki Final Act, the Statute of the Council of 

Europe, as well as Russia’s accession commitments. 

Furthermore, the use of armed forces on the territory of Ukraine was authorized by the 

Federation Council of Russia on 1 March 2014. 


Aware of the potential consequences of such situation for the stability and peace in 

Europe, we call for a firmer response against a policy based on show of force and 


The risk of uncontrolled chain reactions and fears of the existence of a broader-reaching 

strategy than the one operated in Ukraine and especially in Crimea are a grave threat to 

international security. 


In 2000 the voting rights of the Russian delegation was suspended due to the Russian 

military activities in Chechnya. 

This time Russian military has violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and this must 

have immediate consequences. 

Both actions which cannot be accepted and they are in direct contradiction with the ideas 

and values of the Council of Europe. 

In the light of the above, the undersigned demand the Assembly to – on the basis of 

Rule 9.1.a. of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly - suspend the voting rights of the 

Russian delegation. 

Текстът на Чл. 9 от Правилника на ПАСЕ, по който могат да се 

наложат санкциите :

    Rule 9 - Reconsideration of previously ratified credentials on 


    substantive grounds


    9.1. The Assembly may reconsider ratified credentials of a national
     delegation as a whole in the course of the same ordinary session either:
    9.1.a. on a motion for a resolution to annul ratification based on the 
    grounds set out in Rule , or
    9.1.b. on the basis of a report by the Monitoring Committee containing a 
    text which recommends that the credentials be reconsidered
    9.2. A motion for a resolution to annul ratification shall be tabled by at
    least fifty representatives or substitutes, belonging to at least two
     political groups and five national delegations, and be distributed
    at least two weeks before the opening of a part-session or a 
    meeting of the Standing Committee. 
    The list of signatories may not include more members of a delegation 
    than the number of seats held by that delegation in the Assembly. 
    The motion for a resolution shall state the reasons for it. 
    Once tabled, a motion cannot be withdrawn by its authors and no
     signature may be withdrawn or added to it.
     It shall be referred to the   appropriate committee for report and to the 
    Committee on Rules of   Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs 
    for opinion.
    It may be referred, if necessary, to other committees for opinion. 
    The committee shall report within twenty-four hours if possible and the 
    Assembly shall consider it as soon as possible. 
    These deadlines do not apply to the Standing Committee
    9.3. The Monitoring Committee may, in a report foreseen on the agenda 
    of the Assembly or on the agenda of the Standing Committee, call into 
    question the credentials of a national delegation. 
    Such a report shall, before being discussed by the Assembly or the 
    Standing Committee, be referred to the Committee on Rules of 
    Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs for opinion.
    9.4. Reports submitted to the Assembly or the Standing Committee under 
    paragraphs 2 and 3 shall contain a draft resolution proposing in its 
    operative part:
    9.4.a. confirmation of the ratification of the credentials,
    9.4.b. annulment of the ratification of the credentials
    9.4.c. confirmation of the ratification of the credentials together with 
    depriving or suspending the exercise of some of the rights of 
    participation or representation of members of the delegation concerned 
    in the activities of the Assembly and its bodies.
    The provisions on amendments (Rule 33 ) shall apply. Any amendments 
    to the operative part of the draft resolution may propose only one of the 
    three options above.
    9.5. Members of the  delegation concerned shall not vote in any
     proceedings related to the reconsideration of the credentials which
     concern them.